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Autumnal gnocchi

I went for an emergency massage the other night to deal with this shoulder pain I contracted in Ottawa last week. A colleague recommended the therapist: “She is punishing,” he warned. Right before, the Beast texted me to say that he was making dinner. All I had to do was pick up a couple of things on my way home. So, after my body was made malleable by the smallest little pair of hands I’ve ever seen, I bought shitake mushrooms, gnocchi, chicken stock and sage from the No Frills.

At home, in the kitchen, where the Beast insisted that he would make dinner alone, without help.

Beast: Are you impressed that I chose some ingredients because I felt they were autumnal and then looked them up on my Epicurious app for a suitable recipe?

Foodie: (Doing my stretching exercises that my therapist showed me) Really impressed.

Beast: Even my outfit is autumnal.

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