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Part 1: Greece, the mainland road trip

“Zeus does not bring all men’s plans to fulfillment,” Homer notes in The Iliad. He did, however, manage to ensure that our 10-day trip to Greece went off without a single hiccup.

Okay there were a few hiccups. But we had an extraordinary time. The sort of time where every hour or so you look at the other and note how extraordinary everything you’re seeing, hearing, learning, remembering, eating, and drinking is. The sort of time where you just stop and hug because you don’t believe you’re there, walking where Homer’s heroes did, where bonafide ancient Greeks did, whose names we all still know–except for the one American tourist who asked “Who is Alexander the Great?” The sort of time where you just laugh because you don’t believe they actually eat that much yogurt and feta. But they do! Heaping plates of it!

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