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New Orleans: Just the Tips

In the sunroom, the day before leaving for New Orleans, where we were meeting Nick and Erinn for a three-day-long adventure:

Beast: There are three museums I want to go to.

Foodie: I didn’t have any museums on my radar. Don’t you just want to walk around and explore?

Beast: Not if it means missing out on seeing Sidney Bechet’s soprano sax, or Louis Armstrong’s first cornet that he learned to play jazz on at reformatory school.

Foodie: [Silence]

Beast: Do you think I should bring my clarinet?

Foodie: Maybe next time.

Beast: I really want to see some of those incredible Mardi Gras Indian costumes that get worn in the parades. They’re so beautiful!

Foodie: I don’t know, man. Isn’t seeing that sort of thing in books enough? We only have three days and I don’t want to spend them cooped up in museums!

Beast: Did you check us in for the flight yet?

Foodie: Yeah, why?

Because: Because I think you better log back in and check your privilege.

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