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A plea: stop telling me to show off my body

So we were upstairs folding laundry when the trouble started.

Foodie: What is that?

Beast: What?

Foodie: THAT SHIRT. It’s camouflage.

Beast: Oh that shirt. Listen, before you get mad, let me explain.

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On camouflage and orbs

“I need to tell you something and I’m going to do it in a public place so you can’t get really mad at me,” the Beast said on a recent night out for dinner at The Ace.

“You’ve joined a men’s rights group and you’re boycotting the new Wonder Woman movie?” I asked.

“No. I bought a camouflage jacket today from Thrift-Mart.”

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Kingston, bomber jacket(s) and the blues

Driving on the 401, headed to Kingston, ON, on a recent Friday afternoon:

Beast: Mark Ruffalo would make a really good Hulk.

Foodie: He is the Hulk.

Beast: Are you kidding me?

Foodie: Are you kidding me?

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