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Big thinkers and bigger failures

It was a rough week for home-cooking. The Beast decided to make gnocchi from scratch on Wednesday night. We’ve been watching Italy Unpacked, a BBC  TV series featuring the Italian chef Giorgio Locatelli and art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon. They travel around Italy and discuss local dishes and art. (You can watch all three episodes in their entirety on YouTube.)

Locatelli’s cookbook, Made In Italy, came into the store where the Beast works. That’s where he got the idea to make the gnocchi with goat cheese and chives. (I think it may also be the source of inspiration for the Beast’s desire to grow his hair.)

photo 2

When I got home from work, he’d nearly finished preparing the gnocchi.

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On success and gender at Geraldine

Walking to a new neighbourhood restaurant called Geraldine for dinner on a recent night.

Foodie: Is your self-esteem effected by my success?

Beast: On the basketball court? Definitely.

Foodie: No, professionally.

Beast: Wow, this new job is really going to your head.

Foodie: No! That’s not what I mean. It’s just that I make more money than you and I’m happier, professionally speaking.

Beast: I know. And no, it’s never bothered me for a second. I actually really like it.

Foodie: I didn’t think so. At work today we talked about a new study that’s come out that says most heterosexual men have lower self esteem when their partners succeed. I just didn’t think that was the case with you. And besides, even if you did, I don’t think that’s a bad thing: it’s how those feelings manifest themselves that could be trouble.

Beast: I’ve only ever been proud of you. And don’t take this the wrong way, but remember when I finished my writing project?

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