A Little Bit About Them

She, the Foodie, isn’t really a foodie.  But you have to admit that “Foodie and the Beast” is a pretty good title. At least the Beast is really a beast:  he eats anything and doesn’t shower very often.

She’s more interested in the history of food than she is in cooking dinner seven nights a week.  He’s more interested in just eating dinner than in talking about what she should cook for dinner the night before dinner will even be served.

She worked at an Italian restaurant for 10 years, and was lucky enough to live in Italy during one of them.  Then she worked at Maclean’s magazine for five years where she wrote about food, books, art, pop culture and other things, too. Now she’s the digital correspondent for the CTV show, The Social, where she writes about plenty of things and occasionally appears on air.

He managed a used furniture store, plays 40 plus instruments and can be obsessive about clothing, jazz, and all things Americana, especially Ralph Lauren.

This blog records their thoughts on both dinners out and dinners at home.  What happens when you eat dinner though, is that you end up talking about any number of things.  Pretty much everything happens, and has happened, around the dinner table. So this blog also records some of that lovely stuff too.

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  1. I find myself almost constantly thinking about food and cooking and have 40lbs of intimidating cook books and need friends with extreme food interest that live in Toronto. Will the two of you be my friends?

  2. “Come Dine With Me”, W Networks number one dinner party competition series is currently looking for cooking enthusiasts . It’s a really exciting experience and an amazing fit for anyone looking to show off their cooking skills.

    The show puts 5 strangers together for a series of 5 dinner parties. Each host has a chance to cook, wine and dine the others. It’s a weeklong shoot and the winner walks away with the title of “Host With The Most” and a cash prize.

    If you or your members/friends are excited about this we’d love to hear from you.
    You can contact us at comedinewithme@propertelevision.com

  3. I just stumbled across this!! So excited to start reading!! ❤️ You guys…mostly Jess (sorry Simon, I watch the social everyday and have a small girl crush on your lady)

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