Thank you. No, seriously. Thank you.

In the last post I forgot to wish you all the happiest of everything in 2019.

I would also like to tell you that I will be taking a break from Foodie and the Beast so I can start a writing project.

I’ve put this off for a long time. What happens is that when I get the urge to tell a story, I do it here. This has been wonderful–too satisfying in fact. Because the itch has been scratched and the other project gets left behind.

And, if I’m being honest, my voice here has changed. After writing some 350,000 words in 325 posts over the last 10 years, that’s to be expected. What I mean is that I tweaked it, consciously or not, when the readership began to include people I didn’t really know. I worried that a new reader might be offended by a dirty joke (they were). I worried that they expected recipes and would be annoyed not to find many (they were.)

I worried. The writing suffered. I’m sorry. And my voice did change. If I’m being very honest, I think I lost it.

I used to write for Erinn, Michelle, Laura, the two Stephens, Tom, Gio, Monika, Julia, Sara, Nat, Chris, Pasquale, and the kids at Terroni and Maclean’s. You were my first readers who weren’t related to me. Thank you. You gave me the confidence and encouragement to carry on. And thank you to my new colleagues who do the same today.

And even if you were annoyed about the lack of recipes and put off by my occasional use of the word “gunt,” thank you to those who I’ve never met but you read along anyway, especially Connie and Fay, for all your lovely comments.

And thank you to Matty M, who recently told me “Foodie and the Beast was like The Trip before The Trip!” And to Sarah S.P., who works in film and television and believed FATB would translate well in that world, only I was too afraid to try.

Thank you to Scaachi, an excellent writer who used to constantly curse at me to turn these words into something bigger. And thank you Kate F, another excellent writer who many years ago did the same–but with less cursing than Scaachi–and also compared these words to those written by people I admire a great deal.

I may have lost my voice but because of these exchanges, I don’t feel lost. In fact, I feel more excited than I have in a long time to get down to brass tacks; to tell stories with heart and humour. Without FATB, I have no excuse not to. Also, without FATB, who am I? We’ll see.

Good lord, one last thing: Thank you, Simon.

These “episodes,” as Laura liked to call them, would be incredibly boring without you. What would we be without each other? I’d be lost. Maybe thinner though, because despite our different metabolisms, I will always keep up with you at dinner. But I’d be a lost, miserable, ill-humoured, skinny prick.

Foodie and the Beast was never a food blog. It’s about us. I love you.

And….scene. (For now.)

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  1. Good luck Jess. I’ve so enjoyed reading your blog. You and Simon seem to be such a well matched couple and your stories are funny and interesting especially your travel stories. I think you are a very talented writer andca pretty smart cookie. I started to follow you after waty the social which looks like such a fun job. Anyway I hope you enjoy your next stage in writing and thanks for sharing your stories si far

  2. Thank you for your lovely words. Your tales always remind me to travel, eat and drink well. And enjoy the simple beauty of daily life. Good luck with your new endeavor!

  3. I am sad, but excited to read this. I know you will write beautiful work that your loyal readers, and many new readers, will enjoy. You make yourself seem so relatable that I felt like I knew you (I am not a crazy psycho fan, I just wish I could have vacationed with you in PEI or Greece). Your approach to writing about your relationship with Simon – challenges, low points, high points, fun, and love was so easy to relate to. I love the idea of bringing it to the tv / big screen, but it is clear your calling is elsewhere. I will be waiting with anticipation for your next project. Please know that this blog will be missed xoxo
    (PS – is it weird to ask to hang out in PEI sometime? Yes, I know it is… sorry!)
    (PPS – you never offended me, you made me laugh and snort out loud!)

  4. I’m absolutely slightly devastated but understand completely why you’re doing this! I will miss your writing and blog immensely (I always waited with anticipation for the next entry) but will continue to watch you on The Social! Thank you for being real, genuine, hilarious and most of all, for your relatable stories!

    Looking forward to seeing whatever project you’re working on (hopefully it will be shared on a public platform)!

    All the best!!

  5. Oh no. I support you but I’m sad 😦 I’ve truly savoured your posts. I certainly felt a very unique voice and truly cherished every post (and I get so excited when there is a new one). It really felt authentic and just truly genuine and lovely in a way that really…well, I don’t like to be sentimental and I would have commented earlier (years ago) but was too uncomfortable to share…but, really, I have found your voice and perspective – your stories – to be very comforting and and beautiful in a way that made me feel less alone and somehow…understood? I have felt my mood lighten as I read and I walk away from the computer feeling better about life…and with a smile on my face. I thank you Jess. Your blog has been a light to me for many years, it truly has. It is one of my favourite things! Thank you to both you and The Beast. Best wishes in your future endeavours!

  6. I adore you and Simon, you guys are good peeple. Wishing you all the best in your endeavours. Dang, Jess! I was molding myself to be the female Simon, now what! I’ll miss coming here, but I’m glad that I came.


  7. Jess I have so enjoyed this blog, especially your re-telling of your dialogue with the Beast, the sharing of your everyday meals, life and Greek vacations. I very much look forward to reading what is next. Your wit, honesty and joie de vivre will no doubt persist.

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