At Home

Home alone

On Friday afternoon, the Beast and his boyfriends drove to Markdale, Ont., to spend two nights at their friend Tom’s bed and breakfast.

I’m home alone, which is extremely rare and extremely exciting.

After work on Friday I walked down Roncesvalles overwhelmed with dinner possibilities. I could eat anything! I passed Pizza Nova. For a recent solo dinner of his own, the Beast enjoyed their walk-in special, a medium-sized pepperoni pizza for only $8.99–only he upgraded it to an extra-large and ate the entire thing along with a bottle of white wine.

That sounds like fun, I thought to myself as I waited for someone in the Pizza Nova to take my order. No one was at the cash register.  The wait gave me a moment to pause. Did I even want pizza? Surely I could do better! Like frozen French fries with canned gravy.

I secured the French fries and gravy and made my way south down the strip. Oh fuck, I thought, seeing Alimentari, a fancy little Italian grocer. I think I want tortelloni sautéed in butter and sage.

Only they didn’t have any fresh tortelloni. So I spent $35 on a jar of artichokes, a package of prosciutto, a hunk of hard goat cheese, and a very nice baguette.

At home, I prepared half of all my dinner provisions–that way, dinner the next night was already solved–and sat down with this lovely bottle of Greco.

I watched Whit Stillman’s Love & Friendship, followed by The Land of Steady Habits, Nicole Holefcener’s new movie on Netflix. I left just enough white wine in the bottle so I could say I didn’t drink the whole thing, and then had the most glorious sleep. If I had a Fitbit™, it would’ve told me that I’m dead because the living simply don’t sleep this well.

I finished a book, did the laundry, and made myself a breakfast burrito all before noon on Saturday. In the afternoon, I biked to the newly opened Museum of Contemporary Art, accidentally bought a leather jacket–the markdown was extraordinary!–treated myself to an ice cream from Ed’s (butter pecan and French mint), and returned home where I tried on my new leather jacket with different outfits.

Next, I obviously I pulled out every item of clothing in both of our closets that needed ironing and proceeded to do just that while watching the first Sex and the City movie. Then I mended a torn robe and the crotch of my beloved Kettle Creek shorts. I’d tried to get the crotch professionally mended but my lady at the dry cleaner took one look at the shorts and laughed in my face. “No repair, she said. Who’s laughing now?

Would you look at that, it was dinner time. As the French fries baked, I prepared my charcuterie board exactly as I’d done the night before. Did you know that you can bring a day-old baguette back to life by dousing it in water and popping it into the oven for a five or so minutes?

I got into my evening loungewear and sat down for solo dinner number two. The twilight sky looked so beautiful from the living room window that I thought to myself: I should go outside to really appreciate this beauty. And then I took a photo from the couch.

Next I obviously purchased the second Sex and the City movie from iTunes because it was only $12.99 to buy compared to $4.99 to rent and I’m not stupid. Then I watched it with my dinner that was exactly the same as the night before, save for the wine, which I’d finished while I repaired my shorts. I opened up this Portuguese white and it was wonderful.

Every time I’d skip to the kitchen to fill up my glass, I’d say This is how you do it! Not just in my head but out loud, to myself, because I was alone.

Back on the couch, I think during the scene when Kim Cattrall is in the Abu Dhabi market and is yelling “Bite me!” to the crowd gathered around her, I thought: Why does this movie only have a 15 per cent Rotten Tomatoes score because it is not that bad. 

Or maybe I said this out loud. I can’t be certain. No one was there to hear.

My sleep wasn’t nearly as good as the night before. If I had a Fitbit™, it would have said: Are you ok?

Well fuck that Fitbit™ because this morning I read the paper and drank quite a bit of water after realizing I hadn’t consumed any the day before. Our terry cloth robes are already in the dryer and I’m thinking about making cabbage rolls for dinner.

I’m not exactly sure when the Beast will come home but let’s hope, for all of our sakes, it’s soon.


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  1. Sounds like only one of the best week-ends ever. I had my two young granddaughts for an overnight and I’m ready to sleep for a week…. Hope you enjoyed your cabbage rolls….

  2. Thank you for sharing the wine links! I trust your “almost sommelier” expertise on this subject matter. Keep it coming please.

  3. It’s your fault they tried to make a third Sex and the City. You paid $12.99 for Sex and the City 2…what is the world coming to. Otherwise, kudos for a well spent time alone weekend.

  4. Perhaps as a counter experience to Sex and the City, you might enjoy my taxidermied birds and dress show ‘Bluebird Dress Factory’ at the Campbell House Museum. I opened the show last Thursday and it is ready to visit…and there might be left over bluebird cookies if you ask the lady at the front desk! They were decorated by a master cake decorator and are quite beautiful. It’s fun to pair the show with a visit to the Queen Mum cafe for cheesecake. Or that crepe restaurant for an egg and swiss cheese crepe. Or Starbucks for a coffee. Or that really good coffee place that is called something like really good coffee. They also serve buttered toast which appears to be a very ‘in’ thing. EIther way, come to see the show! I will be hanging out there on Thursday October 11 in residence…that evening we will have a ‘Bluebird Encounter’ with Molly Peacock. Love to see you!

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