Monthly Archives: November 2015

Miami and the Florida Keys: A photo essay

Our three-day Miami and Florida Keys mini break started off on the right foot at the Miami airport Enterprise (they have an excellent corporate structure) car rental spot. As we waited for a standard car, say, a Jetta or a Corolla, to be shuttled over, a white Jeep Patriot came rolling through first.

“How do you feel about taking this Jeep instead?” our agent asked us.

“Uh, fuck yes,” we said in unison–in our heads.

“We’ve always wanted to drive a Jeep,” I said–out loud, “Thank you so much! What’s your name?”

“My name is Love,” said Love, pointing to his name tag that said “Love.”

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Hey Miami, we coming at you

The Beast and I realized that his dad has probably seen Nick Edwards more than we have this year, which hardly seems fair.

We enjoyed both their company at the Beast’s dad’s pop-up art reception. A few of Nick’s illustrations are included in the show; specifically, illustrations from Bumble Bear, a children’s story that the Beast wrote years ago.

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Too many lentils, not enough curls

About a year ago, maybe longer, the Beast decided to turn a left-over ham bone into a soup. He found the recipe on his own. It called for both split peas and brown lentils–I’m guessing less than a cup of each.

But he brought home two-kilogram bags of each. That’s four kilograms of dried legumes.

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