Monthly Archives: October 2012

Plus 10, minus 10, plus Siri

It’s been an informative couple of weeks.

In early October, the Beast decided he wanted to gain 10 lb. in muscle mass and I decided that I would lose 10 lb. in fat mass. Normally, we eat the same amount of food, which, portion-wise, roughly rounds out to eating for four every night. One pound of pasta? Bring it on.  A party-size pizza? DESTROYED!

So, it seemed like a no-brainer. I would start eating for one person and the Beast would start eating for three. We’re getting there, but I still have a hard time letting go of my competitive mindset.For example, if I bake a cake, like this cake (but I used plain white wine rather than Muscat, and Concord grape jam rather than grapes), I want to eat my half of it.

I baked the fucking thing. But that might not help me lose 10 lb. To get around this, whenever I’d slice the Beast a piece, I’d make it twice as big as the one I carved out for myself.

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