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Hey! Bad decisions

I had big plans yesterday–the last day of my two weeks off work–to make an apple pie and this sausage and red pepper stew thing to serve over grilled polenta rounds.  I made the pastry for the pie in the morning, then sat down to get a little work done in the afternoon. Then I tried to roll out the pastry around 4pm.  Then I threw out the pastry. Then the Beast got home and I said, “Fuck dinner. Let’s go out.”

He was dressed up in nice slacks, a blazer and a scarf. I was dressed in a sweatshirt and cargo pants that I bought for $9.97 from Joe Fresh.

There’s a new place in the neighbourhood called Hey!  It’s an off-shoot of Hey, Meatball! on College St.; a place I’ve heard lots of nice things about, but have never eaten at.

Foodie: This looks nice! Oh, and the prices look good too.

Beast: I can’t believe we’re eating dinner at 5:00pm.

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Seven days: at a cottage, at home and looking for a cat

Day 1: Sunday

After 10 days of covering the Toronto International Film Festival, I file my last piece. Two weeks of holidays, the first I’ve really taken this year, begin. I feel very anxious and don’t know how to come down.

Pick up Nick and Erinn in rental mini-van and then pick up the Beast at work and drive to cottage for mini-summer holiday.

Stop at Five Guys in Vaughn for dinner. Decide to not get pop because of all the carbs.

Arrive at cottage at 10:30pm. Drink one glass of wine and fall asleep on couch. Hear the sounds of the others laughing at me because my hands are clenched into little retarded fists and my mouth is gaping. The sound of laughter is like a performance-enhancing drug. Must make them laugh. Proceed to perform dance horizontally on the couch while half-asleep.

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