Monthly Archives: August 2012

Those tubes of polenta are not half bad

The beast emailed me last Sunday with a link to this recipe saying that he really wanted to have it for dinner, along with some grilled sausages and rapini.

To be honest, I’ve never been interested in trying those yellow tubes of polenta that you see in the grocery store. But the Beast ended his email with one of the funniest jokes he’s ever made. He wrote:

This looks fucking delish.

So when I was out and about grocery shopping, I picked one up.

When he got home, we prepared our feast together. I must admit, there was something very enticing about the appearance–and the endless possibilities of adorable little “apps” we could devise–of that tubed polenta.

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Finding Indiana Jones, with a little Cici’s pizza

The other morning before work the Beast said he’d like toasted tomato sandwiches for dinner. We’ve been eating them, usually open-faced on that expensive multi-grain bread we like with butter, salt and pepper, all summer long. The tomatoes have to be perfect or else it doesn’t make sense. The best batch we’ve had this summer came courtesy of a fruit and vegetable stand just outside of Port Stanley called Yahnke’s. They were perfection.

Anyway, in the afternoon I got a call at work.

Beast: I’ve changed my mind about dinner.

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