Monthly Archives: July 2012

The Beast makes burgers from scratch

When the Beast has Tuesdays off, I can expect a tirade of phone calls and emails from him while I’m at work. They start at about 10:30am asking when I’m coming home and what I am doing.

This most recent Tuesday, he mentioned that he was going to make dinner. He said he was going to make a “ceviche of mussels on a bed of sun-dried tomato and olive tapenade.” After I stopped laughing, he continued. He said he was going to make “hamburgers like Whitney makes them because hers are the best hamburgers in the world.”

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My private dancer

The Beast and I have been working really well as a team lately. I  communicate to him things that he needs to pick up on his day off, or after work, and he gets them. He has also been suggesting more dinner ideas, which I especially love. So far this summer we’ve been subsisting quite nicely on fish/steak salads and  bruschetta parties (grilled bread served with sides of bruschetta-style tomatoes, avocado and maybe a nice cheese).

This has been especially helpful because on top of normal work stuff, there’s a new Terroni magazine in production, which doesn’t leave a lot time, or interest, in cooking or cleaning.

Tonight when I got home, the Beast had done two loads of laundry, cleaned the washroom and wiped down the kitchen counters. I  found him on the deck sunbathing in the twilight of the evening night.

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