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Summer Blockbusters. Plus Corn and Field Tomatoes!

One morning last week before work, reading the papers and drinking coffee.

Foodie: Hey, do you know anything about all the superheroes in all these movies?

Beast: A little more context please.

Foodie: Like, the ones that come from the comics and now they’re making movies about them and how some of them, like Captain America and Thor and I forget the others, are going to be in one big movie?

Beast: Silence

Foodie: I just feel like I’m missing something when I see the movies and I want someone to explain all the background to me. Like, what really happened?

Beast: Here’s what I do know.  For starters, they are all fictional characters.  They don’t really exist.  Second, none of it really happened. Maybe in the reality of Marvel Comics it did, but not in our own reality.

Foodie: (Pause) Do you want to see Captain America tonight?

Beast: No.

Foodie: Okay, I guess I’ll go see that one with my work girlfriends.

Beast: (pause)  I owe those two, you know. It works out really nicely that they take you to the movies that I don’t want to go to.

Foodie: You make it sound like I’m some sort of charity case.

Beast: Silence

Foodie: Well, what are you doing tonight with your boyfriends?

Beast: We’re watching MacGruber.

Foodie: MacGruber?!?!? 

Beast: I know, but Mike and Nick are obsessed about watching it together.

As you all know, it’s been warm out.  And there’s no better way to beat the heat than watching summer blockbusters in icy air-conditioned theaters.  Because the Beast isn’t too keen on seeing Oscar contenders, like the new Harry Potter movie, Captain America Super 8 and Thor, I’ve gotten into the very pleasant habit of going to see the big guns on Fridays, right after work, with my girlfriends from work. I don’t mind seeing the types of movies that the Beast favours either, like The Trip (the one with Steve Coogan in it), or the Werner Herzog cave painting documentary or the people who have a monkey at home documentary or anything by John Cassavetes at the TIFF Lightbox retrospective this month.  Basically, I’ve got all my movie bases covered.

But it seems that whatever film I’m watching these days, I end up crying. Sunday night was no exception.

Getting home late Sunday afternoon after visiting family in Port Stanley.

Beast: I’ll tell you what.  Let’s go fill up our propane tanks while we have the rental car, do an LCBO run and then while you return the car, I’ll do my work out and then I’ll make dinner.

Foodie: Really? What are you going to make?

Beast: Well, we have all that fresh corn and a basket of field tomatoes so toasted tomatoes and corn it is.

The rest of the evening went off without a hitch: we did our running around and then settled ourselves outside on the deck, where a pleasant breeze provided the first respite from the humidity in several days, and got caught up on some reading. And then the Beast started preparing our dinner. He decided to do it platter-style, so we could each assemble our sandwiches our own way.

I opted for open-faced style, in order to compound the tomato flavour.

And we curled up to watch Barney’s Version; a movie that I picked out with little protest from the Beast.

The movie ends.

Foodie: Did you like it?

Beast: It was okay, but I couldn’t get past the second-rate scene blocking.  And Paul Giamatti and Dustin Hoffman were great but the secondary characters were so weak: you couldn’t really invest in them, you know?  Are you crying?

Foodie: (Wiping snot from my upper lip) YES! And I didn’t even like the movie all that much. I bawled in the new Harry Potter.  And in Super 8. And in Friends with Benefits. And in Midnight in Paris. I think I even cried a bit in Thor at one point.

Beast: Is Friends with Benefits the one with Justin Timberlake in it?

Foodie: I KNOW! Can you believe it?  What else…oh yeah, I cried the other night watching Emma.

Beast: Silence

Foodie: The one with Gwyneth Paltrow in it.

Beast: Yes, I know the one.

Foodie: That was a good dinner. I could eat the exact same thing tomorrow night and be just as happy.

We did, and I was.

Foodie: ** 1/2

Beast: ** 1/2

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  1. I, too, am going to have that sandwich for lunch, although it will probably include some kind of bacon type element to jack it up to the next level. Bam! It’s gonna be all Emeril-style up in this lunch area!

    But more importantly, is this really the forum to be debating the nature of reality? Last time I checked on the philosophy bulletin boards on which I am also a frequently unwelcome* commenter we have yet to devise a reliable means of testing whether or not the world “exists” outside of our individual consciousness. I dream a dream of Thor in Real 3D™ and he begins to accumulate a measure of the actual. Believe enough and he becomes as real as the characters in a documentary like Macgruber. Food for thought.

    *mostly because my understanding of this whole subject is gleaned from The Matrix Trilogy, an awesome blockbuster suite that demonstrates conclusively that you can learn a lot from summer movies. For instance, I will shortly be researching patriotism and the ethics of steroid use in the context of the aforementioned Captain America origin tale. And, no, I am not one of the “office girlfriends”.

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