A New Soup. I Made It.

I went back to my old university, McMaster, earlier this week for a story I’m working on.  It was a lovely afternoon.

The students look the same.  They still wear pajama bottoms with logos all over them to class, and they still wear keys and cards around their necks, and they still carry around gigantic back packs.  

It looks like they’re going on a Northern expedition those packs are so big!  What do you think they’re carrying around in there?  I never had a back pack that big.  Maybe it’s for their laptops.  They all seem to have one of those.  I wonder if the students thought I was one of them, like maybe a third or fourth year student. Or maybe they thought I was a mature student.  Maybe I just blended in, except I didn’t have a big back pack on so that probably made me stand out.  

I was relieved to see that psychics still visit university campuses.  

I also visited a few old haunts, like Mills library.  It was beautiful being there.

By the time I got home it was 9:30pm.  I was starving and so was the Beast.  Thank goodness I’d INVENTED MY OWN F–KING SOUP on Sunday and all we had to do was heat it up.  When I say invent, I mean that I culled select ingredients from a variety of like recipes in order to invent a master recipe.  

I cut up three green onions and three little sweet potatoes and got them browned up in some olive oil.

I forgot to add a fresh red chili (minus most of the hot seeds) so I tossed that in, along with two minced garlic cloves, after I’d added three cups of chicken stock.

I cooked that until the sweet potatoes got soft.  Then I got out my hand blender and puréed away until it was smooth, but not too smooth.  Then I added a can of coconut milk, two heaping tablespoons of red curry paste, and a can of rinsed chickpeas.  And finally, I added in thinly sliced kale.  Oh, and the juice of half a lime.

Beast:  Wow!  This is so good!

Foodie:  I invented it.

Beast:  You made it up?

Foodie:  Yes.  Well, sort of.  I chose parts of different recipes and put them together, like a collage I suppose.

Beast:  Well it’s fantastic.  Really. You know what though?

Foodie:  (Sigh)  What?

Beast:  No, this isn’t a criticism, I’m just telling you what I would have–

Foodie:  Crack a quail’s egg over it?  Add beef tongue?  

Beast:  No, I was going to say I would have added a squirt of fish sauce, or oyster sauce or something like that.

Foodie:  Fish sauce?  That would be gross in this.  Fish sauce with coconut milk?

Beast:  Mmn, maybe.  

Foodie:  I think I used to be an asshole.

Beast:  Excuse me?

Foodie:  Well, when I think about those years I spent going to school with that beautiful campus and that amazing library and all that time I probably just pissed away worrying about boys and just being a real asshole, it makes me feel terrible!

Beast:  You’re not an asshole.

Foodie:  This soup tastes like ass.

Beast:  I love it! 

Foodie:  Really?  I guess it’s okay but it’s missing something.  I just don’t know what.  And it’s not fish sauce.  Usually I’d be going in for seconds right now but I don’t want seconds.  Do you?

Beast:  I sure do!  I’m just going to rest for a bit.

The Beast never went back for seconds but it was a nice gesture.  And if you have suggestions on how to fix my invention, please do tell.

Foodie:  *1/2

Beast:  **

7 responses to “A New Soup. I Made It.

  1. Regular listener, first time caller

    To be honest, I paged down through this post with my eyes closed until my computer started beeping angrily, signaling that it was safe to open them into a slit just wide enough to make out the “comment” window. I am stockpiling all my favourite distractions (FATB columns, episodes of 30 Rock and BBQ Pitmasters, cheese, chores) for a special staycation I have planned. It is going to be off the hook. Maybe there will be two posts to read by then!

  2. From my mom, via Facebook (she can do anything on Facebook, but can’t figure out how to comment on this blog…yet.)

    I think the Beast needed some protein…maybe some cubed kolbosa would go with the chick peas, but I don’t know about that with the coconut milk. Nice pictures on your blog. Oh, Anna Paquin came out of the closet today. Ricky Martin too! Surprise-surprise!

    Love you sweetie..Momma

  3. I am notorious (um, can one be notorious to oneself?) for making bland creations and messing them up by trying to ‘fix’ them, so I should keep my advice to myself. By the way, did you use Thai or Indian curry paste?

    I wish I’d gone to university. Sigh. It looks all lovely and ivy-covered and apparently, you get smart there.

    Can’t wait to read your next missive!

  4. I used Indian curry paste–Patak’s I think. University was pretty but it didn’t teached me too much. And I’m still paying a shit-load of OSAP.

  5. Did you happen to bump into the Longster or HBJ when you visited Mac? Btw, you weren’t an asshole. You made me the best birthday cake ever!!! I wish I still had my photos of it.

    As for your soup. Some fresh coriander perhaps???

    • I looked for the Longster but had no luck. As for HBJ, apparently he’s retired. I’ll miss the fur coat. Thanks saying I wasn’t an asshole. And coriander–of course!

  6. Shrimp – and maybe some basil if you want to make it more Thai, or dried ginger and allspice if you want to make it more Caribbean?

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