Vincent Sushi

Sushi, by Vincent

(Outside the dry cleaners in our neighbourhood.)

Foodie:  They’re closed?  It can’t be 7:00pm yet!

Beast:  They’re closed. 

Foodie:  I can pick up your coat tomorrow after work if you like.

Beast:  Okay.

Foodie:  Well, we’re out and about: want to go grab a bite to eat?

Beast:  Okay.

Foodie:  Want to go get burgers from the Local?

Beast:  No thanks.

Foodie:  We could order in pizza.

Beast:  No.

Foodie:  We could go pick up a couple of steaks and grill them on the BBQ with some vegetables.

Beast:  I’m not ready for that.

Foodie:  You mean you’re not ready for BBQ season yet?

Beast:  Yes, I’m not prepared for it, emotionally.

Boy oh boy the Beast was in a mood!  I certainly get moody, but this sort of behaviour he was exhibiting required the stealth and ingenuity of a CSIS agent to deal with.  My next moves had to be planned and calculated, or else the entire evening would be a bust.

Beast:  Do you want to go get Hungarian pancakes from in there?  (pointing to Cafe Polonez.)

Foodie:  That might be a bit heavy for me tonight, but if you really want–

Beast:  No, I don’t even know why I fucking said that.  I don’t want it.

Foodie:  Okay, let’s not panic here–

Beast:  What about Japanese from beside the video store?

Foodie:  Well, will you look at that!  Great idea kiddo!  I always forget about that place.  Look how smart you are!  And so handsome too!

The Japanese place is a tiny little shop that opened up a few years ago beside the local video store, The Film Buff. And it’s fantastic in a pinch!

(Outside the Japanese place.)

Beast:  Sushi, by Vincent.

Foodie:  Is that what it’s called?

Beast:  No, but that’s a good name for a sushi restaurant.

It’s actually called Vincent Sushi, and when we walked in the three employees jumped out of their seats (it was a slow night) and greeted us.  I, of course, was very careful to lower the tone and volume of my voice as I returned their enthusiastic salutations (see previous post.)  Now Vincent Sushi provides what I imagine to be a style of Japanese food that appeals to the neighbourhood–there are lots of “fusion” rolls and a few non-traditional ingredients on their menu.  To be honest, this is the only type of Japanese food that I know. And I like it.  I do enjoy sashimi (that’s raw fish, served alone, in all its glory) but I tend to gravitate towards sushi rolls and all that fried shit.  (I’ve mentioned it before but I’ll say it again:  many of my southern Italian friends adore sashimi because they’re culturally accustomed to eating raw fish.  Hell, I think they’d prefer to eat just about anything raw, if they could.)

After I ordered (the Beast couldn’t dream of making those kind of decisions), we popped into the video store.

Foodie:  Why don’t we rent Year One?  Remember when we saw the trailer just the other day and we were laughing so hard?

Beast:  Okay.

Foodie:  Really?  I’m shocked!  This is great!  Sushi and a funny Hollywood movie and we even have the nice bottle of Austrian Gruner chilling in the fridge.

Beast:  This will be nice.

Foodie:  There you go!  You’re feeling a little better now, aren’t you?

Beast:  You knew I wasn’t feeling well?

Foodie:  Yes, yes I did know that.  Are you feeling better now?

Beast:  Yes.  I think I just need an espresso and maybe I just need to play the piano for a bit.

Foodie:  Good thinking.  You order your espresso and I’ll rent the movie (Our video store has espresso, good espresso too!  And ice cream and baked goods.)

Beast:  Wait: is it okay if we don’t rent the movie?  There’s a book I want to finish reading.  I promised myself I’d finish it before the end of March.

Foodie:  (Trying very hard to hide my disappointment.)  Sure…that’s….okay.  I have books I could read too you know.  Lots of books.  And I love reading.  That’s just fine.  Plus, maybe we can find the episode of America’s Next Top Model that we missed yesterday.

We picked up our take-out order from Vincent Sushi and were unwrapping it in no time:

We both adore this salad.  I don’t know what it’s called or what’s in it.  I presume the green stuff is seaweed.  There’s some avocado, julienned beets on top, and sesame seeds.  Maybe some sort of radish is in there too.  It’s light and lovely.  The varying textures keep your mouth surprised too.

I also ordered beef dumplings and yam tempura.  The Beast thought the dumplings were really good.  I think I would have preferred steamed dumplings rather than fried ones.  The filling was good though–beef and maybe scallions.  The yam tempura held up on our walk home, which is remarkable.  They were crunchy on the outside and warm, soft and sweet on the inside.

I chose a maki roll with BBQ eel in it.  I think they call it “the catapillar”.  And I chose one with shrimp tempura and crab called a “red dragon.”  

Mom, BBQ eel does sound gross but it’s delicious.  Honest!  The Beast said the red dragon would have been better without the fake crab.  I agree.

The wine was so good with the food that before we knew it, the bottle was empty. Coincidently, the Beast’s spirits were lifted too.

Foodie:  What in the heck is that?

Beast:  Dessert.

Foodie:  You sneak!  When did you buy them?

Beast:  When I ordered my espresso.

Foodie:  Well I’m so glad you did because I’m not very full.

Beast:  Me neither!

The Beast ate half of the dark chocolate brownie and then handed it over to me.  Then he started on the peanut butter swirl square.  He asked if he could eat the half with the swirl on it, admitting that he was quite partial to swirled desserts.  I agreed of course. It reminded me of a good joke the Beast played on me the other night when he offered to serve up the last of the instant cake we’d made.  I’ll let you guess which piece I got.




Foodie:  **1/2

Beast:  ***


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  1. I have a friend, Graham, that worked (works?) at Film Buff. Tall and sort of salt/pepper hair but looks (and is!) younger. He said it was often hard to resist the ice cream there.

  2. I think it’s interesting that all your Southern Italian friends are so into raw fish. Up here in central Italy, sushi is very slowly catching on (finally!) but it’s taking some convincing. Some of the restaurant windows even have signs saying “Non solo pesce crudo!” (Not just raw fish).

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