Mother India

These are the Places in Our Neighbourhood: Mother India

This morning the Beast kissed me good-bye before I left for work.  And then he said, “Come here again.”  And then I thought, “Well isn’t this romantic.”  And then the Beast said, “You smell like hot dogs.”

He said I smell like hot dogs.  Maybe he’s projecting:  he just wishes I smell like hot dogs.  

More importantly, we’ve decided to try some of the restaurants in our neighbourhood. There’s one called Tibet Kitchen that my chef friends Giovanna and Fabio say is quite good so the Beast and I met after work outside the restaurant.  But the place was closed. It was Tuesday.  We walked along Queen Street West around Jameson, where there’s no shortage of Tibetan restaurants, and every single one of them was closed.  We were just about to head for burgers at The Stampede Bison Grill, right beside the LCBO on Brock, when we passed by Mother India, and the Beast stopped in his tracks.

photo[1] 12-16-00

Beast:  Let’s go here.

Foodie:  Really?

Beast (pointing to the display menu):  They have saag paneer roti.  I want one.

So in we went.  The place was dark.  Only a few other people were dining–I suspect because most people come here for take-out.  There was some lovely Indian flute music playing too.  Out of nowhere there appeared a delightful woman carrying menus and cold water.  We both ordered a roti filled with saag paneer and a pakora.  (Mom, saag panner is a spinach-based curry dish with cheese in it, and a pakora, I think, is like a fried potato spicy pancake with onions, and maybe some other stuff in it too.  Both are South Asian in origin.  I think.)


Foodie:  Are the West Indies called the West Indies because Christopher Columbus was looking for India?

Beast:  Yes.

Foodie:  Don’t you think it’s weird that they both have roti?  Is that just a coincidence that they both called they’re version of flat bread roti?

Beast:  I don’t know.  But you know what somebody should do?  Have saag paneer poutine.  Don’t you think that would be delicious?

Foodie:  I guess so.

Beast:  Because it’s basically gravy with cheese in it. 

Foodie:  And you could put extra cheese on top so that it melts.

Beast:  What kind of cheese?  Curds?

Foodie:  Yes, curds.

Everything was delicious, and very spicy, which the Beast isn’t accustomed to enjoying.  But he devoured his meal nonetheless.  For the first time since I was four, I didn’t clean my plate.  This roti was huge.

photo[2] 12-16-00

Foodie:  I’m going to save my left-overs and have it for lunch tomorrow at work.  

Beast:  What are you doing right now?

Foodie:  I’m getting out my lunch container to put my left-overs in it.

Beast:  Should you be doing that?  I’m sure they can get you a container.

Foodie:  I’m sure they can too, but I’d just put it into this container as soon as we got home so I’m saving a container.

Beast:  It’s just embarrassing.

I’ll tell you what’s embarrasssing:  when we got home, I cut up some peaches to have with vanilla ice cream (we’ve been eating peaches and ice cream just about every night for the last two weeks.)  But the Beast didn’t want any peaches.  He wanted to chop up some Reese’s peanut butter cups instead.  That’s not the embarrassing part–what’s embarrassing is that he cut up SIX of them to top off his gigantic bowl of ice cream.


And then he had the nerve to complain about having a stomach ache.  And he told me I smell like hot dogs.

Foodie:  **

Beast:  ** 1/2

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  1. My friend Rachelle emailed me the following:

    a) i love your blog

    b) roti is south asian indian in origin, but the british west indies had a lot of east indian immigration (cross-colonial immigration was easy apparently, there are lots of indians in kenya, south africa, guyana, jamaica, fiji…) so they brought roti and curries.

    (Pay particular attention to the first, and clearly more important, point.)

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