Manhattan Clam Chowder. And Hot Dogs.

The Beast and I made hot dogs for lunch on Sunday. I wanted to BBQ them and he wanted them steamed. He won in the end because he offered to prepare them which meant that I could sit in my sun room reading the latest Life & Style. He even steamed the buns. After our lunch, the Beast left for work. This is when my Sundays really start to roll. I do a little grocery shopping, maybe some laundry, eat fancy cheese and olives and watch either Jamie Oliver or reruns of Sex in the City while reclining Roman-style on the couch. And eventually I end up in the kitchen where I put together a nice Sunday night dinner. Last Sunday, I decided on Manhattan-style clam chowder. The Manhattan part means it has a tomato base rather than a cream one. I got the recipe from a former colleague  at Swan restaurant. It’s very easy to make:photo[1]

-Get out your Creuset or other such pot, cut up streaky bacon, and cook it until it’s nice and crispy.
-Set your bacon bits aside and drain off any fat.
-Then add more fat, in the form of a couple of knobs of butter.
-Add (diced up of course) a carrot, two celery twigs, two garlic cloves, and an onion. Get nice and brown.
-Then add two diced Yukon Gold potatoes and let them soak up some of that goodness in your pot.
-Then add a glass of white wine, and toss in all that crispy bacon.
-When that’s been nearly soaked up, add a can of nice plum tomatoes (mushed up), and two cans of clams (all the juice too.)
-Stick in a bay leave, and let the whole thing simmer for a while.
-Don’t forget to season everything as you go along.
-Right before serving, add a whack of fresh dill

With some nice, crusty buttered bread this is a meal fit for a foodie or a beast. Throw in a couple episodes of the HBO series Rome and who knows what will happen:

Foodie: How do you like the chowder?

Beast: I forgot how much explicit sex there is in this series! Countless breasts, a few female full-frontals–do they show penis? I can’t remember.  

Foodie:  I believe so.

Beast:  We should count them.

Foodie: I’m getting seconds. Do you want more?

We paused our show to get more chowder, and in the kitchen the Beast had a food epiphany:

Beast: Are you going to take the left-overs to work tomorrow for your lunch?

Foodie: I have a salad all made up to take (I used left-over bacon that I fried up for the chowder and added it to an arugola salad with some fresh pear and goat cheese. It will be either really tasty, or gross.)

Beast: (Looking over at the hot dog buns we’d left out after our lunch) Because I have an idea–

Foodie: Oh no you don’t! I’m onto you!! You want to put the clam chowder onto hot dogs don’t you!

Beast: It will be like a chili dog but it’ll be a chowder dog!

Foodie: No. I won’t allow it. I’m taking the chowder. I’m doing you a favour you know–clams and hot dogs in your stomach all at once? No. Just no. Not even the Romans would stoop so

Beast: But they were just eating stuffed door mice!

Foodie: No way bucko.   Now let’s go counts some cocks.

The chowder was even better at lunch time.

Foodie: ***

Beast: ***

3 responses to “Manhattan Clam Chowder. And Hot Dogs.

  1. A different Stephen

    I remain on tenterhooks about the bacon. Where did it go? What a cliffhanger!

  2. Can’t wait to see who’s party your going to!

  3. so how many cocks jess?
    lol. i put up your post make sure you read until the end 😉
    xx cindy

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